What is a Digital Organizing Session?

A Digital Organizing Session is where I use screen sharing software that lets me work on your computer to organize your digital photos right from my home.  I consolidate your photos from your photo sources (computer, photo libraries, external hard drives, phones, CD’s, icloud service, etc) sort them, remove duplicates, and then organize them into a simple folder system that is easy to use.  I then back it all up to the cloud service of your choosing. I will teach you how to use your newly organized system and how to maintain it.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The only prep work is to know and gather all your digital photos you want me to organize together.  We will discuss the system you have in place.   I will also see if you have an external hard drive.  Don’t worry if you don’t have one, I will help you get one during our initial call.  

The initial call is where we talk over the phone and the screen share software is open.  The initial call typically lasts about an hour.  We will discuss your current system and how you are accessing your pictures.  We will discuss what cloud service you have.  If you don’t have one, we will look at what option will be best for you.  We will have a plan on how we will get everything into one location and then backed up.  I will install a couple software programs that will help the process be more efficient.  Then the work is on me.  We will be in touch through out the process.  

The overall service takes an average of 2 – 3 weeks.  I can do the majority of the work through screen share while you go about your life.  We may need to touch base through text occasionally.

I will send you a link to a private screen share appointment.  Once we are both in the meeting, you will give me permission to view your screen and give me mouse control.  Once we have our plan in place I will work independently through the screen share while you go on with your day.  You are more than welcome to watch while I work on your computer.  Once we close the screen share meeting, I no longer have access to your computer.  If you need to use the computer we can close the meeting and start a new one once you are done. 

When the project is completed we will have what is called a wrapped up session.  I will walk you through how to access your photos and how to maintain the system from here on out. 


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